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Our Story

Our story emerged from the history of Corolla Village. The coastal village was established and populated by mariners, hunters, fishermen, coast guardsmen and lightkeepers. The very isolated and small community knew many remarkably strong, inventive individuals whose lives are still reflected in the buildings here.

By 1950, the community had begun to diminish and the once iconic buildings started to suffer from neglect. The Currituck Beach Lighthouse, The Lighthouse Keeper’s home, the Whalehead Hunt Club, the schoolhouse and village homes were all at risk.  Lighthouse descendants were the first to step forward with energy and the spirit of preservation. They restored the lighthouse and then one by one some of the other structures followed. Inspired by their vision others began to commit to historic preservation. After the Whalehead Club regained its’ glory, other more humble buildings were then restored. A community of preservationists worked together with respect and friendship to once again present the history of Corolla.

Today, a wonderfully pedestrian village exists. You can easily move from one icon to another and hear the stories of the past. The schoolhouse once again educates local children, the chapel ministers and celebrates weddings, merchants occupy century old buildings and offer a unique experience to visitors. And the visitors respond to a sanctuary. A quiet place with a feast of beautiful sights.

Our family is fortunate to have been a part of this restoration. And now we build COROLLA VILLAGE INN as another way to make this village accessible to people that we know appreciate places that tell a story, that inform. We welcome people willing to go off the beaten path.

This is OUR STORY and we want this to be a place where you create stories and rich memories of your own.

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