Inn Policies

Please be aware of our policies before booking.  As a small inn our policies are in place to protect ourselves as well as our other guests.  We’re trying to fill a niche for people who appreciate a relaxed, classic beach experience.  Our small 12 bedroom inn can’t possibly be perfect for everyone but as there are a large variety of lodging options on the Outer Banks we can help point you in the right direction if our space doesn’t fit your needs.

Check-In / Check-Out Policies

Check-In : 04:00 PM

Check-Out : 11:00 AM

We have A LOT of people ask about early check-ins but since that depends on a few variables (prior guest’s departure time, number of rooms turning over that day, state of the room, etc) we just can’t guarantee this an option.  We can certainly make a note of it and let you in early IF we can.  If checking in early is a priority we offer a limited number of guaranteed early check-ins (1pm) for a $50 fee.  Please be sure to arrange this ahead of time if needed.

Deposit and Cancellation Policy
First nights deposit including tax is required at the time of reservation. Cancellations must be made 10 days prior to scheduled arrival and guests will be refunded their deposit less a $20 credit card processing fee (we’re not greedy – the processor just doesn’t refund their fee). Guests who do not cancel within this time will be charged for a one night stay plus all applicable taxes. An early departure may result in a penalty.

Parking Policy
We offer complimentary on-site parking.  If you’re planning on bringing a vehicle that exceeds standard parking space length or width (monster trucks and or magic school buses match this description) please check with us before hand so that we can see if we have space for your vehicle.

Additional Room Guests
Our guests appreciate the quiet and calm that our inn offers as well as all of our complementary items that we provide.   That quality is harder to offer when a higher number of guests than intended are sharing the space.  All our rooms have 1 king size bed, designed to accommodate 2 adults.  Rooms 2, 3, 4 and 10 have queen sleeper sofas and can accommodate up to 4 guests.  Children under 2 years of age are not included in occupancy total.  If the guests in the room exceed the occupancy of the room there will be an additional charge of $50 per guest for each night – that might seem steep but we do this in order to discourage exceeded room occupancy.

Guarantee Policy
Generally, we cannot guarantee a specific room number or location, although we will make every effort to grant requests.

Smoking Policy
Our inn is a smoke free establishment. Smoking (anything) in a designated non-smoking area is subject to a cleaning fee of $200.

Pet Policy
We love dogs and are happy to have 2 rooms that can accommodate furry sidekicks.  Rooms 2 and 3 are the only dog friendly rooms.  A one time $75 cleaning fee per room applies.  No more than 2 dogs allowed per room.  Please read and sign the pet waiver before checking in.

Age Requirements

You must be twenty five (25) years of age or older to reserve a room.  Exceptions can be made with previous permission and a security deposit.  Beach week brings a lot of underage groups to our area and when they are often times kicked out of their rental home, they come looking for any other option.  Obviously not our target demographic!  If you’re just a low key person/couple planning a fun getaway we’ll welcome you with open arms.

Weddings and Events

If you’re looking for a low key, relaxing and friendly space for your wedding party, guests or a retreat group please call for more information.

Hurricane Evacuations and/or Severe Weather Policy

Hurricanes, nor’easters, and even tropical storms can cause a lot of damage to our coast.  If a mandatory evacuation is called for any of these events guests MUST leave the inn and cannot stay during the storm.  If a storm comes during your stay you will not be charged for your full stay should you need to evacuate.  If you have to cancel due to an upcoming storm you will be refunded your initial deposit (less a $20 credit card processing fee) even if you are within the standard 7 day cancellation window.  We understand that in these events safety is the number one issue so we don’t want our guests to have to make possibly bad decisions based on worries regarding refunds.  Even with modern technology these storms can be very hard to predict so please be understanding if we can’t give you definite answers of the path, strength, predictions etc before the storm hits.  Sometimes after the storm passes county government will close all bridges leading to the island and will not open them until the area is considered habitable.  Please research before trying to travel to the coast after a major storm.


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