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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions:

I’ve been coming to Corolla for a while and have never seen this building before – are ya’ll new?  Yes!  We just opened in May of 2019!

Are you oceanfront?  Nope, we are about 1/3 of a mile from the ocean.  It’s just due east down a dirt road.

Are you soundfront? Not that either.  The sound is about a 1/4 mile from us and while you can see it from one of our decks, we certainly won’t describe ourselves as waterfront.

Well, then, where are you?  We are nestled into a stand of live oak trees within the Historic Corolla Village, home to the chapel, schoolhouse, shops, lighthouse, and Whalehead Club.  We’re wonderfully pedestrian – walking and biking can get you most everywhere.  It’s quiet back here too so even when the beach is at it’s peak level of crazy on 4th of July weekend, you’ll feel like you can retreat to a bit of an oasis at our inn.  It might be hard to explain exactly what makes our location special but trust us – once you get here, you’ll understand.

Do you have a pool?  We do not have a pool.  We’re kind of old school Outer Banks here where cooling off on a hot day means a dip in the ocean or the sound.  This may be a drawback for some of our guests but consider that you won’t have to listen to long games of Marco Polo or loud cries of “cannonball!” while you enjoy lazing away on our peaceful porches.

Do you serve breakfast?  While we don’t prepare any food on site we do offer our guests light breakfast items, cereal, yogurt, snacks, coffee, and sodas in our pantry each day.  There’s no set menu but you’re sure to find something you’ll like!

Do you sell beer and wine?  We do!  We have a small selection of wine and beer for you to enjoy during your stay.  And our guests all tell us they’re surprisingly reasonably priced!

Do you have pet friendly rooms?  Yes!  We love dogs and are happy to offer two rooms for your furry sidekicks:  Rooms 2 & 3.  We can’t have dogs in our other rooms in order to protect other guests with pet allergies.  No more than 2 dogs are allowed per room.  A one time cleaning fee of $75 is charged per stay because #fur, ya’ll.  Our pet waiver must be read and signed upon arrival.

Do you provide beach equipment?  Yes – we provide beach chairs, totes, towels, and small coolers.  Just return them after use for future guests!  Beach umbrellas?  We have a couple beach umbrellas that we can rent daily in case you need a little shade!

What beach accesses are available to us during our stay?  Our guests have access to the Persimmon Street access which is the private street access (no parking) as well as the public beach access two streets over which has parking, restrooms, handicapped access and a lifeguard stand.

When are check-in/check-out times?  Check-out is 11am and check-in is 4pm.

What about early check-ins or late check-outs?  Whew – we have a lot of requests for these and we can’t blame them!  Of course you want your stay to be as long as possible!  However, we can only offer a small number of guaranteed early check-ins (2pm) and late check-outs (1pm) each day for an additional fee of $50.  If we can get you in a little early without agreeing to the guaranteed check-in fee we certainly will but that’s not something we can guarantee in advance so you’ll just need to be flexible with us.

Do you have a parking policy?  We offer complimentary on-site parking.  If you’re planning on bringing a vehicle that exceeds standard parking space length or width (monster trucks and or magic school buses match this description) please check with us before hand so that we can see if we have space for your vehicle.

How many people can you rooms sleep?  Rooms 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11, and 12 can sleep 2 people while Rooms 1, 2, 3, 4, and 10 can accommodate up to 4 guests (with a sleeper sofa).  The number of guests per room can not exceed occupancy.  We do this intentionally so that we can keep the calm, low key vibe going that all of our guests enjoy.

Can I have a wedding or event at the Inn?  We do not offer blocks for weddings or events.  We are happy to be an available option for guests of these types of events but reservations need to be made in the usual fashion. No events may be held in the common areas at the inn such as receptions, parties, dinners, champagne send-offs, etc.  We just aren’t set up with the extra space to accommodate additional uses of our property.

Do y’all offer gift certificates? Yes! Gift certificates can be purchased for a monetary amount online here or by phone.

Do I need a permit to drive on the 4×4 beach that’s just up the road from y’all? Vehicles MUST have a county-issued Beach Parking Permit properly displayed to park on the 4×4 beach from the last Saturday of April through the first Saturday in October. This permit can only be purchased directly on the county’s website. Visit Currituck county’s website for permit info & beach driving tips.

For all other questions please refer to our Hotel Policies page.  https://corollavillageinn.com/hotel-policies/

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